57mm Planerary Gearbox

减速比Reductionratio实际减速比Exactreductionratio额定允许负载Ratedtolerancetorque瞬间允许负载Maxmomentarytolerancetorque效率EfficiencyL (mm)重量(gWeight(g)
1/3.61/4.31/3.61/4.252 N.m6 N.m90 %46.0±0.5600
1/13 1/15 1/181/12.961/15.301/18.068 N.m25 N.m81 %57.5±0.5740
1/47 1/55 1/65 1/771/46.661/55.081/65.031/76.7716 N.m50 N.m73 %68.8±0.5900
1/1681/1981/2341/2761/3261/167.961/198.291/234.091/276.361/326.2520 N.m60 N.m66 %80.1±0.51050


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